The Gear

The kit you shoot with is second only in importance to your enthusiasm in determining what your photography looks like. For Oblique Exposure, we will be shooting four different cameras:

Canon EOS 450D: the real deal. This is a medium range D-SLR for the enthusiast, featuring a 12.2 MP CMOS sensor. Launched in 2008, it may be getting on a bit, but it still packs a lot of quality and versatility.

FujiFilm X10: the boss. Launched in late 2011 with the express objective to become THE compact of choice for enthusiasts, the X10 carries a 12 MP sensor, something called a “Fujinon Aspherical Lens”, and an EXR mode that nobody understands, but gets you awesome images.


Canon EOS 1100D: the incumbent. New for 2011, the entry level D-SLR in the Canon range offers a 12.2 MP APS-C sensor in a plastic body, and a spec sheet that is otherwise close to the 450D. Makes the same sound when snapping, too.

Canon PowerShot A590 IS: the slow burner. Sure, it is a middle-of-the-road compact from 2008, and carries no fancy acronyms to its name, but it’s a tried and tested technology that still works well and fits your pocket – metaphorically and in practice. You can check a portfolio of shots taken with the A590 here.

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