Colourful Skies

Recently on the way to work there have been some lovely colourful skies. I’ve got out of the habit of carrying my camera on a daily basis, so this was shot on my phone.

Coventry Skies

Colourful skies, and a hint of the rainbow lights under the bridge too. A recent addition near Coventry University campus.

The Herbert, Coventry

A very nice view from inside The Herbert, Coventry’s Art Gallery and Museum.



Catching air. A usual skateboarding spot just outside Coventry Cathedral.



Radcliffe Camera

Oxford, back in August. The Radcliffe Camera under a striking sky.



A little surrealism never killed anybody.


Stormy sky

Brussels, December 2014.

_MG_0904.jpgFrankly too long ago.

Sea life in the city

In an attempt to escape the Christmas crowds while on a day out in Birmingham we spent a couple of hours going around the Sea Life Centre which was comparatively deserted. This meant we had a peaceful time wandering around, and plenty of space to see all the penguins, and marine life.

Birmingham sea life centre

Birmingham sea life centre

I always find photography in aquariums really difficult with low lighting and often quite fast moving objects – so there are just a couple of photographs from this trip. Birmingham sea life centre

Birmingham sea life centre

Birmingham sea life centre

Birmingham sea life centre

It might not have been on the top of my ‘to visit’ places this Christmas but the Sea Life Centre provided a little bit of tranquility in the city centre at a time of year when everything is so busy and anything but tranquil.

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles

Birmingham is known for its Christmas market which takes over some of the city centre near Christmas, and while it does get very busy it creates a very festive atmosphere in the city.

Birmingham Christmas markets

Despite the newspapers calling yesterday ‘panic Saturday’ referring to a supposed mass of people who were going to be last minute panic buying Christmas presents, the overall atmosphere seemed a lot more relaxed in previous years.

Birmingham Christmas marketsWhat do you do to entertain children in Birmingham city centre after battling the Christmas crowds? Help catch bubbles in the street made by a guy in a superman suit of course!

Birmingham Christmas markets

It’s not often these days you will see children playing in the street. But yesterday, a crowd gathered around this young man who created hundreds of bubble in the street capturing the attention of both young and old.Birmingham Christmas markets

I love the expression captured on the guys face in this photo, but also the happiness of the children. How to make people happy this festive season? Get some bubbles, clearly. Birmingham Christmas markets

Birmingham Christmas markets

Birmingham Christmas markets

Yet another example of why cities can be great places to bring people together, in this case in the facilitated by a fancy dress superman and some soapy water!

A different busker

Berlin, October 2015.