Urban Scenes: Birmingham Library

One of my favourite buildings in Birmingham city centre: the Library of Birmingham.

Birmingham library


Birmingham Botanical Gardens

While I now feel I’m getting to know Birmingham pretty well, there are still a lot of unexplored places to visit. Somewhere that I’ve been wanting to visit for a while is the botanical gardens. Ideally I would have gone with camera in hand in a couple of weeks time when all the autmnal colours have come out, but life is likely to be a little too busy then – or at least I’m not going to have hands spare for the camera. Birmingham Botanical gardens isn’t too far from the city centre, and is a nice break from the urban scenes in the city.

Birmingham Botanical Garden

Birmingham Botanical Garden

As we’re now turning to the autmn a lot of the roses were beyond their prime, but plenty still flowering. Birmingham Botanical Garden


Birmingham Botanical Garden

There’s even a small butterfly house to explore. Birmingham Botanical Garden

Birmingham Botanical Garden

Birmingham Botanical GardenMy favourite shot of the day, the light shining through the trees.

Birmingham Botanical Garden

If you’re in Birmingham and looking for something to do for a few hours, it’s well worth a visit. The place itself is quite big withe plenty of paths to walk, and activities for children should you need them…


Back in the Winter, during a tour of the sites of old coffee houses.


You might think it was sunset, but it was actually lunch time. It was around -2C – or, to put it in more expressive terms, ‘bloody freezing!’.

Colourful Skies

Recently on the way to work there have been some lovely colourful skies. I’ve got out of the habit of carrying my camera on a daily basis, so this was shot on my phone.

Coventry Skies

Colourful skies, and a hint of the rainbow lights under the bridge too. A recent addition near Coventry University campus.

The Herbert, Coventry

A very nice view from inside The Herbert, Coventry’s Art Gallery and Museum.



Catching air. A usual skateboarding spot just outside Coventry Cathedral.



Radcliffe Camera

Oxford, back in August. The Radcliffe Camera under a striking sky.



A little surrealism never killed anybody.


Stormy sky

Brussels, December 2014.

_MG_0904.jpgFrankly too long ago.