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Riga in colour

From the recent flying visit to Riga I posted a few of the photos in black and white as the light was quite challenging and I just couldn’t get the colours to come out the way I wanted. However, there were some exceptions to this, included here.


The buildings on the left of the picture make up part of Riga’s central market which I had a quick look around. The market (both in these buildings and the surrounding streets) was huge and there were so many things I wanted to buy – mainly honey and fruit – but with only hand luggage I had to resist. DSC02231

Opposite the building where I had my meeting. The Leica shop. No purchases this time…maybe one day. DSC02242








An alternative self-portrait. DSC02297

From the limited amount of the city I saw, Riga was anything but cultural vacuum!DSC02299


Monotone Riga

This week I had to go to Riga for work. I was only in the city for a little over 24 hours so I didn’t get to explore as much as I would have liked, but here are a few shots from wandering to and from my hotel.

Riga Latvia] Riga Latvia

It’s not difficult to see why the centre of Riga is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Riga Latvia

Like many other cities across Europe, Costa Coffee is becoming ever present. Riga Latvia

Riga Latvia

Riga Latvia

Another city with a lovers padlocks bridge, much like the one in Paris on a smaller scale. Riga Latvia

Riga Latvia

Riga Latvia

Riga Latvia

Riga Latvia

Riga Latvia

Riga seems like a fascinating city, I will hopefully go back at some point soon to explore properly.

WWI Remembrance: Godiva Awakes (II)

Here is the promised follow-on from the previous post on the Godiva Awakes WWI Remembrance, in Coventry.

Godiva Awakes 5The lady is Kabuki attire was a reminder that Coventry is twinned with Hiroshima. She was inspired by the story of Sadako Sasaki and the thousand origami cranes.

Godiva Awakes 6This story is very emotional, and I thought that the theatre company did a wonderful job of respecting and explaining it. Here is a part of the choreography – I got lucky in that shot, caught them right when they made a circle of feathers. It’s my favourite photo of the day.

Godiva Awakes  7And here’s Godiva herself. She’s not camera shy (at 3 or 4 meters tall, neither would you be), but she’s difficult to make justice to in photography format. And she’s way more expressive than you would imagine.

Godiva Awakes 8



Vistas from Porto – wall art

The walls of Porto are the locale of an ongoing dialogue. I remember something similar in Rome, where all the signs, lamp posts and vertical surfaces were a canvas to be attacked with gusto.

Some dislike the fiscal austerity, blamed on the IMF:

Others are quite happy with it. “I love you IMF”, says this one; ironic?

There were also a lot of protests against NATO, the best of which was this:

But not all of the wall art is necessarily political. Check out the origami birds (?) on these electricity boxes:

Oh well, time to leave Porto…

By the time you read this, we’ll have left Portugal (boo!) and should be back in the UK.

I am thinking about writing a blog post on free software for amateur photographers. As an Ubuntu Linux user, I have a number of great tools accessible at the click of a button. Would you like to help me decide?

More to come soon!