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Transport in Porto

Getting around in Porto. You can run….

Or ride the historic tram, as part of the tram city tourIMG_0862

Riverside in Porto

While in Porto we took a walk along the Douro river. On a bright morning like this, while a little hazy, it’s easy to see why this area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



If you look around the area you’ll notice all the different Port Wine brand names (Calem in the photo below) as most of the port wine cellars and companies are located in this area, many over the other side of the river in Vila Nova de Gaia.IMG_0886


Perfect place for a cafe!IMG_0889

Looking over the river here you can see one of traditional style boats for the area, which these days take tourists up and down the Douro. You can’t see too clearly on this photo but the boats often have Port brand names on the side, and this one has the Ferreira brand. So this boat literally has my name on it! IMG_0891

In memoriam: Ricardo Porto

Ricardo Porto, Portuguese street photographer known for the porto street shooting blog, has recently passed away.

There is probably nobody on the Internet street photography fraternity who hasn’t come across Ricardo’s work. And whenever you had the privilege of talking to him, he was always generous and positive. A real gentleman.

Having never met Ricardo, I cannot lift the veil about the man behind the viewfinder. But there is one thing I can do: to share photos from the city of Porto. Featuring some of the same streets and the same light which for years graced our screens – Ricardo, these are for you.




Rest in peace.

Porto Street Art

On a recent visit to Porto I noticed lots of different street art pieces I hadn’t seen before.

So this one wasn’t street art exactly, but many shop windows had various illustrations in this style.


A great way to make the features of the street look more colourful. IMG_0832









A strange montage of animals and plants, but colourful nonetheless, and it has a panda on it which appears to be drinking from a wine bottle and the giraffe appears to have fish as earrings. Clearly this artists has a very vivid imagination. IMG_0896



Why have a boring plain front door when you have one like this? IMG_0912

Retro gaming and computing street art. IMG_0914


IMG_0909Exploring street art in cities is a great way to look for details in the urban landscape.

Chilly Porto

For Christmas this year we headed to Portugal to visit family and had time to have a quick wander around Porto. Lovely blue skies, but pretty cold!

Porto Portugal

It’s not often the Oblique Exposure duo have the opportunity to have our picture taken together….








An interesting message from this restaurant. IMG_8581

And that was 2014. This will be the last post for 2014. Thank you for visiting Oblique Exposure!

Porto Exploration

So, today we found time to grab the cameras and go for a wander around Porto.

This seagull felt it needed some signage.



There’s a lot of interesting graffiti around Porto. We saw a few of these strange giraffes.


And even the Duke of Wellington has his own bust in the city.


Despite being carried around for years, my 50mm lens still manages to capture events which happen at such high speeds.



In the Crystal Palace Gardens there were lots and lots of peacocks (and peahens). The gardens were a nice surprise – the views provided over the Douro river are fabulous and highly recommended.




This shot got photo-bombed by another seagull, but it adds to the shot somewhat.








And on the way back to the car, some more graffiti….


This was a somewhat hurried blog post, but I was keen to get this up on the blog before the year is out. There will be a few summary posts of the adventures of oblique exposure in 2012 coming soon.

Sunday suggestion: Saint John’s Festival, Porto

This Sunday’s suggestions come from Portugal: Ricardo Porto’s Porto Street Shooting and Carlos Romão’s A Cidade Surpreendente. As Porto celebrates its yearly outdoors extravanganza, the Festa de São João do Porto (Saint John of Porto Festival), they are both out there celebrating and bringing a bit of the party to those of us who can’t make it.

Here are a couple of treats from Porto Street Shooting:

And a little something from A Cidade Surpreendente: garlic flowers, that party-goers bless each other with.

Visit them both, and don’t forget to add them to your preferred RSS reader!

Vistas from Porto – Spring in Serralves

Can you have too much of a good thing? After my last post I had decided to finish off the series on Porto and move on, but I can’t resist sharing our visit to the garden in Serralves. A couple of hints: upon showing our University researcher cards we were given free entry to both the park and the art museum. It took us the entire morning to visit the garden alone, and then we had to go away. So, make sure that a) you go with plenty of time to spare, because there is a lot to see, and b) if you are a student or a University researcher, bring your card.

Serralves was beautiful in this early Spring:

I decided to try to use the Macro setting in my camera: free-hand, colour profile changed to vivid and…

Nice, but I wish I had a tripod, and I am not entirely sure about the colour boost. What do you think?

In case you’re tired of flowers already, the built structures are also interesting to look at:

There is this geometry to the structures, but the gardens themselves are pretty much free-for-all. The exception was this bit:

I do like the geometrical parts. One of my friends told me the other day I think in boxes; instead of arguing with her, I made a scheme.

Cool effect, isn’t it? I closed down the aperture as much as I dared, trying to make sure the small fountain in the end could be seen.

Nature does tend to colonise the geometry, every now and then…

And in case you want to do some gardening…

In case you’re wondering – yes, that is an actual size person. Check out Ricardo Porto’s shot of the very same spot.

Hope you enjoyed that. If you happen to find yourself in Porto, check it out!

Vistas from Porto – the City at night

One of the things I have wanted to do for a while is to take some long exposures of a city at night. It finally happened during our recent visit to Porto.

I took my Canon 1100D, equipped with the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 lens, to the peer on other side of the River Douro – the Cais the Gaia. I only had a fiddly little 15cm Hama mini-tripod on me, and was rather worried it would not take the load (the Sigma lens alone weighs almost 500g). No such problems, I just needed to made sure that the lens was positioned above one of the legs.

I am rather happy with the results:

I wanted maximum sharpness and quality, so the exposure had to reflect this. I used the smallest-possible aperture (the Sigma lens only clicks down to f/16), and the smallest possible ISO (100). Shooting in aperture priority, it meant a 20s shutter time for the photo above, and 25s for the one below. The photos were shot in RAW, developed in RAWTherapee – which means I can always return to them in the future.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is the beautiful city of Porto, by night. Hats off, what a place – I miss it already. Hope you enjoy the shots as much as I did taking them!

Vistas from Porto – wall art

The walls of Porto are the locale of an ongoing dialogue. I remember something similar in Rome, where all the signs, lamp posts and vertical surfaces were a canvas to be attacked with gusto.

Some dislike the fiscal austerity, blamed on the IMF:

Others are quite happy with it. “I love you IMF”, says this one; ironic?

There were also a lot of protests against NATO, the best of which was this:

But not all of the wall art is necessarily political. Check out the origami birds (?) on these electricity boxes:

Oh well, time to leave Porto…

By the time you read this, we’ll have left Portugal (boo!) and should be back in the UK.

I am thinking about writing a blog post on free software for amateur photographers. As an Ubuntu Linux user, I have a number of great tools accessible at the click of a button. Would you like to help me decide?

More to come soon!