Berlin: Leaves and lights

Berlin is a great city to explore at any time of the year, but recently we were there for the Festival of Lights, and got to see the city as the leaves turned golden and autumn appeared.



The Ampelmann, the little man on the traffic lights of East Berlin has become a symbol for the city, so much so that there are several stores dedicated to it, and even a cafe.




Really given I knew the Festival of Lights was going to involve a lot of low light photography I should have taken a tripod. Across the city buildings and monuments were lit up with different lights.  IMG_1102



Some of the buildings had lights which changed every few seconds. It was amazing to see the buildings we had seen in the day lit up with so much colour. IMG_1128




Crowds gathering around the Brandenburg gate for a lights show, a very clever animated picture show which used the gate as the screen. IMG_1166

During the day we wandered around the cities streets and parks.

Like most capital cities, Berlin is full of markers of history – the photograph below shows the Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe.

Of course since we were in a different city, we also took the opportunity to try out a few cafes. One of my favourites was a chain called Balzac coffee where you could get an apple-cinnamon latte. IMG_2047


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