Fresh food: Borough market views

In London for some work meetings I made a quick stop in Borough Market for some lunch (a moong dal dosa) which I forgot to take a picture of, mainly because it didn’t last very long.

It’s probably a good job I don’t get to Borough Market very often because every time I go there I want to buy so many things.

Borough Market London

Borough Market London

I was there at lunchtime so unsurprisingly it was busy. but it’s great to see such a mix of people exploring the place. Borough Market London

Borough Market London

I’m not a fan of eating seafood, but this stall always looks great, so much choice. Borough Market London

Borough Market London

Almost like a giant cheese and olive bread stick version of jenga!Borough Market London

You’ll notice this snail symbol on various stalls around Borough Market, its the Slow Food symbol  – the Slow food movement “promotes true enjoyment of good food, and food production systems that provide good, clean and fair food for everyone” (Slow Food UK, 2015).Borough Market London

I spotted this artist capturing the market scene – a great way to spend a day. Borough Market London

I think I take pictures of the mushrooms at the market nearly every time I take mmy camera there but they always look so good, so different to what you see in the supermarkets. Borough Market London

Borough Market London

The salt at the front was called Wow wow salt -I wonder why? Borough Market London

One of my favourite stalls on the market is Spice Mountain, partly because the spices I buy from here always taste much better, and mainy because of the epic selection of chillis. I haven’t tried some of the really hot ones on sale – I’m not sure my chilli tolerance is quite up to the Carolina Reaper just yet.
Borough Market London

Borough Market London

I would like a shelf like this in my kitchen.Borough Market London

It’s still apple season (we have many bowls full to work through from the garden), buyt there were so many varieties here to choose from. Borough Market London

Borough Market London

So much colour from the vegetable stalls.
Borough Market London

Another successful trip around Borough market – and more Monmouth Espresso brought home with me too!

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