On the go in the capital

A few more from a recent trip to London. Outside of Euston station there are now a few more places to eat and drink, including this take-away place Beany Green, part of the Daisy Green company. It’s definitely worth stopping here, if just for the banana bread.

This was breakfast from Honey and Co. I have their cooking book at home (and now the baking book too), but it’s really to go there too. IMG_1249_2

I had only stopped there for breakfast, and as I was sitting there they were bringing out a tempting array of cakes. IMG_1250_2

Sometimes this sign would be very appropriate for me.IMG_1252_2

A lovely day for a walk in the capital. 

I was in Borough market at lunctime, and I was going to drop by Monmouth for coffee, but as I didn’t have much time I had to give it a miss this time – it’s a popular as ever. IMG_1269_2

From the Arabica restaurant at the side of borough market. Here I discovered muhammara, the red pepper dip at the back of this picture. It’s now a household favourite. IMG_1270


I’d never noticed the polar bear on the sign before. IMG_1276And that was it for that day in London.


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