The Big Hoot 2015: Exploring Birmingham (1)

If you visit Birmingham between now and the end of September you may notice that around the city there are lots of decorated owl statues. These are all part of The Big Hoot a public art trail around the city presented by Wild in Art in partnership with Birmingham Children’s Hospital. There are 89 owl sculptures around the city, as well as over 120 owlets decorated by young people in Birmingham. Since I was in the city I decided to find a few of the statues in the areas I was in. I met lots of other people following as much of the trail as they could fit in a day, as well as other groups of people who has spent several days trying to find them all.These public art displays are a great way to encourage people to explore the city – and other cities too as I’ve seen with the buddy bears in Berlin,  Superlambananas in Liverpool a few years ago, or more recently the Paddington statues in London.

I managed to find more than I expected!

Delivered by Owl

Big Hoot Birmingham 2015

Owl by NightBig Hoot Birmingham 2015Under the Glow of Moonlight


The Bone RangerBig Hoot Birmingham 2015

My favourite – Hootankhamoon.Big Hoot Birmingham 2015

SkycladBig Hoot Birmingham 2015

BlueyBig Hoot Birmingham 2015

Active OwlBig Hoot Birmingham 2015

United Within DiversityBig Hoot Birmingham 2015I have a few more owl photographs to be published in a blog post soon.

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