London life

I’ve been making more of an effort recently to carry my canon camera a bit more when I’m travelling for work trips. Whenever I don’t take it I always see something that would have made a great photo.


A change from many of the shiny reflective buildings that have emerged in London, a bit of colourful architecture. IMG_9612

Often walking along Oxford Street can feel like a bit of a battle, but this morning I seemed to be walking in the same direction as most other people so it was a little easier. IMG_9618

I’m not sure this is the best place to try and sort your suitcase out, but then again there probably isn’t an ideal place on Oxford Street. IMG_9633


I stopped in Kaffeine for a quick coffee. They always have so much food that looks delicious. IMG_9643 IMG_9644

These apricot muffins are definitely worth trying. IMG_9645

At lunchtime I ended up back at Bourough market. If I’m near enough its my favourite place to grab lunch. IMG_9647






It does get pretty busy by lunchtime, but it’s still worth a visit. If you want to stroll around though I would suggest going around 10am when it’s much quieter (on a weekday). IMG_9660


A chorizo roll from Brindisa, after getting some advice about ingredients for Spanish recipes, and some tips about Spanish cooking. IMG_9672

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