Back to market

I was in London for work not too far from Borough market so it was the logical place for me to head at lunchtime.

The trend for cold coffee has even reached here.

Were I not loaded down with work materials I would have bought so much food from the market to bring home, it’s always so colourful.IMG_9849

I did manage to fit in a slice of the apple crumble cake from this stall for Carlos though. It’s a firm favourite.IMG_9833



For me the highlight was as I sat to eat my lunch (Egyptian inspired street food from Koshari street), Becca Lyne-Perkis, a former contestant on the Great British Bake Off started a demonstration the chef’s stage. It was a celebration of American Independence Day and she made some red, white and blue pancakes (with Strawberrys and Blueberrys) – deliciousIMG_9836

I’m always tempted by these mushroom baskets. IMG_9842

Much less tempted by the seafood – but it still looks great. IMG_9845


There’s still an abundance of summer fruits. IMG_9847

…and the usual fruit too. IMG_9848

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