More coffee

Recently I’ve been visiting lots of cafes, mostly for work purposes, sometimes just for a break. I realised I’d ended up with a phone full of coffee pictures. I’m well caffeinated these days.

My ‘local’ in Coventry is Kahawa, a great place in the city centre – far enough for me that it gives a walk from the office.


Tamper in Sheffield, beautiful latte art!


Faculty Coffee in Birmingham – great espresso!IMG_0884_2

Timberyard in London – it’s not often you get given a whole bottle of water and a pot of sugar when you only order an espresso. IMG_0916

Kaffeine in London – go for the cake as well as the coffee!IMG_1126

Look at the heart in my Piccolo from Kaffeine. IMG_1127

Ziferblat in Manchester – if you haven’t heard of this place you should check out their website – you pay for the time you spend rather than what you consume. An interesting social space!IMG_1183_2

I’ve accumulated quite a large number of coffee, tea, cake and lunch photographs on my phone, but for now, these will do!

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