Geneva sunshine (4) and some work

While I did get a good chance to explore Geneva on my recent trip, I did also spent most of my time inside the International Labour Organisation. There were various art works around the building, this stained glass art work was near some of the conference rooms and is known as the German window, showing different sectors of work.



Another piece of art in the building was a replica of Picasso’s Guernica, produced by primary school children.



The carpet on the floor starts at 1919 when the ILO was founded. There was a photography exhibition launched at the conference entitled ‘So we exist‘ – the work of a very talented photographer, Ismail Ferdous,  who has managed to capture the working lives and experiences of communities from often places all over the world.

I was walking through the hall, looking at the photographs when suddenly a man stopped in front of me and looked at the floor. He apologised for stopping abruptly but then explained that he had stopped at the year in which he was born and looked back a long the hall and said that he was just thinking about all that has been achieved by the ILO in his lifetime. Now this gentleman was rather more senior than I, and when he asked where I would be a long the timeline I had to point quite a bit further along the hallway.  So much in the world has changed even in my life time, not just in the world of work, but in everything – and talking to this gentleman was a timely reminder that sometimes it’s important to stop, take stock of things, and recognise what has been achieved, even if there is still a long way to go. IMG_1400

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