Geneva sunshine (2)

More blues skies in Geneva…



I loved how most of these boxes in the city were decorated, it added detail to the city IMG_0005


Geneva is a city where you certainly want to spend a lot of time outdoors, and the city provides the spaces to do so (not to mention the beautiful landscape around the city which you could spend weeks exploring), there were a few of these spread around the park and clearly being made use of. IMG_0016


I spent quite a lot of my spare time in Geneva wandering around the lake. where you can almost always see the Jet d’Eau, one of the cities most famous landmarks. 

When the skies were clear you could see right into the mountains. IMG_0060



Wandering around the old town, near the cathedral, the city had a very different feel to the contemporary cosmopolitan area that I had been staying in. I was there quite early in the morning and the streets were more or less deserted, it was great being able to wander about and explore what felt like a little maze. IMG_0036



I took quite a few shots of the jet, mainly as it dominated much of the scene if you were looking towards the lake, but I did at least try to get some different angles. 



I watched to see how close boats would get to the jet, often surprisingly close – if the wind had changed direction I’m pretty sure these guys would have been soaked.

This was the first thing I saw outside the train station 

One of my current research projects at work is about the development of the coffee house industry, and one part of this explores the growth of specialty (or ‘third wave’) coffee, of which cold drip coffee is associated with. It seems this trend has also reached Geneva. This was in a small coffee house called Boréal. I’m not a fan of cold coffee, although their single origin Colombian espresso was excellent. IMG_0109

As you would perhaps expect there was chocolate everywhere in Geneva. I didn’t get a chance to try these slabs of chocolate as the shop was shut at the time, but I did manage to try a selection of others from other stores.IMG_0113

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