London Coffee Festival 2015 – Part three

More from the London 2015 coffee festival.

I tried an almond milk latter from alpro – surprisingly tasty. I often bake with soya milk rather than normal milk, but I might experiment a little with almond milk too.


As you can see the sample cups weren’t too big, however in many places I was tasting espressos which aren’t that big in the first place. No these are not all my cups, but I think I did get through almost this many samples. It’s a good job I took plenty of water.  IMG_9146

Alongside the mainstream ways of making coffee it was fascinating to see all the different ways it could be made. IMG_9149

The Girl in the cafe, not to be confused with this film.IMG_9150


In addition to handing out lots of coffee to the hordes of people entering the festival, Costa Coffee kept the performers in the ‘Hyde Park’ area well refreshed. IMG_9156

Sometimes there are days when this feels true. IMG_9157

As you can see there were expecting quite a few visitors. IMG_9160

I don’t think I’m ever going to catch on to this way of brewing coffee, but it was interesting to watch and taste!IMG_9165

I remember this company, Mallow and Marsh from Dragon’s Den. I’v only tried the vanilla and raspberry versions, but both were great – a bit firmer than your standard mallow, but very tasty. IMG_9171

There’s still more to see from the London Coffee festival…

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