London Coffee Festival 2015 – Part four

The final post with images from the 2015 London Coffee Festival.

This company had lots of different ways for your to brew your coffee. IMG_9175

I’m sure this makes great coffee, but I think on most occasions I wouldn’t have the patience. IMG_9176


Then there was this one from Alchemy – you can actually buy them, although they are £950!IMG_9180



Here you can see what coffee beans look like with different levels of roasting. It’s like a coffee rainbow. IMG_9187

John Lemon -with some interesting fruit drinks. I tried the rhubarb.




This was an expression I had not heard before. 

To highlight UK coffee week people were being asked to contribute to the board ‘Without Coffee I would….’ Quite a range of responses here too. IMG_9220

And so that was my trip around the London Coffee Festival. I realise that actually I didn’t take a lot of photos of the coffee I tried – mainly because I was too busy trying them and talking to the baristas. I will try to capture more next year as there was some really impressive coffee skills here, with latte art that could top what I saw on a coffee tour in Seattle. IMG_9224

Leaving the Old Truman’s Brewery I headed back out on to Brick Lane for a bit more photography before going home – there’ll be more on that in future posts. IMG_9226

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