Blue Skies in Coventry

Even though I’ve now been working in Coventry for nearly a year I realised I’ve never really taken the camera out with me, and on our recently walk to check out Fargo Village I started to started to build what will inevitably be a growing collection of Coventry photograph.

The main square, with lady Godiva on her horse. The legend is that around the 11th or 12th century an Anglo-Saxon noblewoman rode naked through the streets of Coventry in protest over some taxes – and somehow it has become a symbol for the city.


With the arrival of a few warmer days the city is becoming more colourful by the day. Coventry



And with some blue skies and shiny buildings its a chance to add to my collection of ‘Reflections’ photography. Coventry

This is part of the campus of Coventry University – and importantly the building on the left is a place to get coffee. Coventry

As the academic teaching year draws to a close there is going to be a  degree show, ‘This Creative City‘ to display some of the creations of  the art and design students at the University. Coventry




Something I really value about photography is that it makes me look at places in more detail. I walk down this street nearly every day and I know the wall is covered in this ivy plant but it took until today with a camera in hand to really look at how the plant is taking over the wall. Coventry



More signs that Spring is finally here. Coventry



The elephant symbol appears a lot in Coventry – I’m still looking into the significance of it, and there will be a blog post to follow soon. Coventry


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