Glimpse of a Geisha

While in the Gion district of Kyoto I had read that you might sometime see Geisha or Maiko moving swiftly through the streets. I didn’t actually expect to see any, particularly as it was a busy time of day and the area was full of tourists. But, as I was taking photographs of something else a lady – either a Geisha or Maiko literally swept past me. It all happened in a matter of seconds , she appeared from a side street a moved along the street in a swift but elegant manner. The make-up on her face was beautiful, pristine and striking – you can see from the picture I took the pattern of the make-up that has been made on her neck.

Geisha Maiko Gion Kyoto Japan

This entry was posted by Jennifer Ferreira.

One thought on “Glimpse of a Geisha

  1. This is indeed a Geisha~ Though judging by those lanterns, you were in Kyoto, where they are called Geiko ^^ This one is dressed in special regalia and wearing a special hair style reserved for a tea ceremony. ^^ Honestly, it’s one of my favorite looks they wear with the golden obi, black formal Hiki, and having their natural hair styled ^^ Not to mention the three pronged pattern on their neck ^^ You can see all the paparazzi trying to get snaps, which is a pretty common occurrence ^^ Fantastic shot~

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