Birmingham in the sunshine

Finally, a day off work to go for a wander. With the sun still out we decided to head to Birmingham as it’s a place we’ve been meaning to visit for some time. I’ve never really explored Birmingham before, it’s usually a place I just travel past on the M6 of through when changing trains at Birmingham New Street Station.

As with any city, some interesting street art.

Birmingham City Centre

Birmingham City Centre

Interesting sculpture, also being used as a good resting place…Birmingham City Centre

A beautiful day for a walk about the city. It reminded my just how much I enjoy exploring new urban environments. Birmingham City CentreSomeone clearly had fun with this street art.

Birmingham City CentreI’m sure we will be back in Birmingham again soon, if only to visit the magnificent Waterstones book shop we discovered there – one of the nicest branches of the shop I’ve been to.

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2 thoughts on “Birmingham in the sunshine

  1. It all looks very familiar from when I lived there. It’s changed a lot, mind, with the construction of their giant new library (which must have been somewhere near where you were) which houses “real” Shakespeare volumes and it’s supposed to be modern and have terraces high up with a view. Something to look out for!

    • Yes, the library, a big shiny building. I did try and take some photos of it but the light wasn’t right. We didn’t manage to go inside either. I’m sure we’ll be back. There had certainly been a lot of work done in the centre of the city. I was impressed, it wasn’t what I had expected – I think it helped (as with any city centre) that the sun was shining!

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