An iPhone photographer

I’ve never really chosen my mobile phone for it’s camera choices, and in general I have taken very few photographs this way. In the past I tried using the iPad to take photographs in London, but in general I found it awkward and the quality wasn’t anywhere near anything I could get from any of my cameras. Recently I have moved over to an iPhone and I am quite impressed with its camera function. So over the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying out the iPhone to take photographs in different situations to see how it performs.

Coffee in Free State coffee on Southampton Row in London – probably one of the best coffees I’ve had in London for some time (they also do amazing croissants as seen in the background here).

photo 2(2)I need very little encouragement to go into a book shop, but a sign like this will work.

photo 4(3)

I’ve recently started to bake my own bread more frequently – this was an attempt at fig and walnut 3(4)

Delapre Park in Northampton, is home to these geese. photo 5(4)

They were pretty keen to see if we had any food on offer. photo 1(5)

Taking advantage of our new garden furniture and a bit of sunshine. photo 4(8)

This is a cat that lives near my Dad’s house, it’s deaf and quite old and has appeared to make my Dad’s porch it’s daytime resting spot. photo 4(12)

I had some work to do in London and so stopped by Borough market for some lunch. The Brindisa chorizo sandwich is apparently world famous – and after tasting one I can see why. photo 3(9)

A grey day in London, but the skyline is still impressive. photo 1(12)

And to finish off this collection of random photographs I have taken over the last few weeks – a meerkat bench in London. photo 4(11)

I’ll admit it that it is a pretty random collection of photographs but I think it does show that the camera function on the iPhone is actually quite good.  I’m still not going to switch to using this from the X10 or Canon100D but it is useful to know I can capture things at short notice, as these days I have my phone with me nearly all the time.

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