Many poses of Jenny the photographer

Following on from the photographs of Carlos from Japan, this blog post includes some shots of myself.

I particularly like to try to get macro shots of flowers with interesting background – here I was trying to get the temple in the shot (which will be posted soon).

_MG_9857 copyIt’s funny, when I was looking for a compact camera to complement my DSLR I wanted one with a viewfinder, however I find myself mostly using the view screen on the Fujifilm. I think it’s easier in terms of lining up the shot – and if you take me to any kind of outdoor related activity you will usually at some point find me looking like this….

_MG_9617 copy Sometimes I am just not tall enough to take the photo I want!

Jennifer Ferreira in Japan

Jennifer Ferreira in JapanIn Japan I always felt like there was literally so much to take photographs off that whenever I stopped to look around I didn’t know where to start – hence we have ended up with thousands of photographs to process.

Jennifer Ferreira in JapanBack the DSLR, and back to using the viewfinder!Jennifer Ferreira in JapanAnd occasionally I get surprised by the wildlife – here in Nara where the deer wander freely!Jennifer Ferreira in Japan

Jennifer Ferreira in Japan

And even I can pose sometimes. Jennifer Ferreira in Japan So the posts this week were a little insight into the people behind the lenses on Oblique Exposure – there will more regular posts soon with even more highlight from Japan interspersed with snapshots of Northamptonshire!


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