The many poses of Carlos the photographer (in Japan)

Some time ago I created a blog post with various images of Carlos in different poses showing how sometimes to get that shot you really want, you need to alter your angle. I decided that I would create another of these posts first showing Carlos and second showing myself. Also it’s sometimes nice to see the photographer behind the blog so there are a few additional photos in here too.

A good breakfast is always the best way to start the day…particularly when you are going to be walking and taking photographs all day. This was the first time we had the traditional Japanese breakfast.

DSCF2409     At many Shinto shrines there are places to hang small wooden plaques (Ema) where you can write prayers or wishes.  IMG_4481The standard Carlos shot for trying to capture the entirety of a skyscraper.

IMG_4688There are many wide boulevards in Tokyo which seemed to stretch forever. I had wanted to take this shot as I crossed the road, and by the time I had reached the other side Carlos was already standing on the central reservation. IMG_4759There were plenty of stops for snacks to regain our energy. We spent most of our days just walking around different cities in Japan. I find walking (as opposed to taking the subway all the time) a great way to see different areas of the city. This was in McDonalds whicb had surprisingly good coffee!


IMG_4896Wandering through the bright lights of Shinjuku.

IMG_5141There were plenty of culinary delights across the different cities in Japan we visited. Here we tried some of the Okonomiyaki in the Dotonbori area of Osaka.

DSCF2520We hit it right to catch the end of the Cherry Blossom season (particularly in Kyoto) and so there was lots of attempts to get macro shots of the blossom. IMG_5439

A common pose – so many interesting skylines.   IMG_6223Here, trying to position Osaka castle in the background. Another reminder of the importance of looking for details when walking about. I hadn’t seen these little bird sculptures on the barrier when I first walked past. IMG_6277 We didn’t take too many lenses with on this trip as we didn’t want to be weighed down, or have to spend too much time changing lenses. However, we did take our compact cameras (my Fujifilm X10 and Carlos’ Sony RX100). IMG_6811


IMG_7134And finally, posing for a photograph.


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