Discovering Salcey Forest

Those who follow our blog or who visit regularly may have noticed a sustained period of silence. Life has been so busy since we returned from Japan that there just hasn’t been time to focus on photography – there are still thousands of photographs from Japan to be sorted through! However, this weekend for the first time in quite some time we were able to get outside and actually take the cameras with us. We are still adjusting to being in Northamptonshire, but today we visited what must be one of the nicest places in the county. Salcey Forest is just outside Northampton and has a series of trails for walking, cycling, and horse riding. There are also a series of treetop walkways, and  a ‘Tree Ninja’ course for the younger ones.


I’ve always liked trying to capture illuminated leaves and the early morning light was great for this today. IMG_7171


IMG_7175The tree-top walkway begins at ground level and you walk at an incline until before you know it you around 15m above the ground walking through the tree canopy.




At the very top we noticed something moving in the tree, it was a squirrel having it’s breakfast. IMG_7191From the very top it was possible to see Northampton in the distance.


Beautiful blue skies with wispy clouds. IMG_7203




For the younger visitors there was a Gruffalo trail with a series of characters dotted around the forest. IMG_7215





IMG_7230It’s lovely to have a place like this so close to home. I’m sure there will many more trips here in the future.

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