Exploring Dotonbori (Part Four)

The final part to a series of posts taken in the Dotonbori area of Osaka.

Often outside shops and restaurants there would be little statues or figures –  this was actually a mascot for a place called the ‘Owl Cafe.


What more do you need to advertise a restaurant than a giant dragon bursting out of the wall? IMG_6439


This shopping arcade had a series of flags with scenes from different countries – here you can see Singapore. IMG_6441

And Malaysia. I never found out why there flags were there but they added to the character of the arcade all the same. IMG_6442

This was more or less back where we started in Dotonbori. Definitely a place to visit if you are hungry!IMG_6455

Yet another takoyaki restaurant – it was typical for there to be a front stall for the restaurant selling the takoyaki (octopus dumplings) in addition the main restaurant. IMG_6456

We’d spent a whole evening in this area, and really saw it transform as the neon signs took over. IMG_6461


IMG_6466Baseball is very popular in Japan, so of course there are baseball bars!


The camera (Canon 100D) coped really well with the low lighting situations. I think this was one of the first times I had been out with it at night. These images have had no editing other than a bit of cropping in places and you can see here it dealt pretty well with different colours and light sources. IMG_6469


Vending machines are everywhere in Japan, most sell drinks and occasionally cigarettes, but somehow they look a lot nicer lit up at night. Note that on the bottom shelf you can see a selection of cold coffee’s – the Japanese really seem to like their coffee cold and when in coffee shops you are always asked if you would like it hot or cold. IMG_6472


IMG_6474And that concludes this little series of photographs from Dotonbori. We took literally thousands of photographs while in Japan and it is going to take a long time to work through them and publish the one’s we think are best for the blog. It’s actually nice that it takes a while to go through the photographs as it brings back all the good memories of the trip.

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