Exploring Dotonbori (Part Two)

In this post there is more from the Dotonbori area of Osaka, a bright commercial area in the city famous for its neon lights.




This was clearly a very popular place as there were queues there the whole evening. IMG_6389


We arrived at a nice time because the sun was beginning to set. But as the light began to fade the place really came to life – the lights became more prominent and the colours really did feel the streets. IMG_6393

IMG_6394By the time we had finished our okonomiyaki  the sun had set and the street lit up, quite literally.  IMG_6407

In this area there was so much to photograph. I often try to look for details, even in the busiest and most colourful places. Here a small inscription on a doorway to a restaurant shows what you can miss if you don’t pay attention to the details. IMG_6413


In addition the main street there were lots of different side streets leading off in different directions, often covered like this one, filled with even more amazing restaurants and shops. I probably could have spent a good week working my way just around this area, never mind the rest of Japan!IMG_6420


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