Exploring Dotonbori (Part One)

One of the most colourful places in Osaka was an area called Dotonbori. Its a commercial area that follows the route of the Dotonbori-gawa Canal and is packed with restaurants and shops and more neon signs and advertisements than you can imagine. It had a great atmosphere on both occasions that we visited, but it was definitely more vibrant on Saturday evening.


There were all sorts of interesting restaurants, often with novelty signs on the front. Osaka is famous for its okayaki (Octopus dumplings) so there were quite a few places with huge octopi outside. IMG_6353

Something I had to get used to in Japan was looking up at the signs to see what was inside buildings. As you can see on the building on the front right of the photo below signs would show you the different restaurants, shops etc that were on each floor, it wasn’t good enough just to look around at eye level. IMG_6354


Can you guess what they served in this restaurant?IMG_6361

Note the large number of bicycles in this photo (and the signs saying don’t leave your bicycle here)!IMG_6365As it got closer to dinner time the street filled with more and more people advertising their restaurants.IMG_6367


There was just so much to take in around this area, the photographs don’t do it justice – there were so many different smells of foods, and sounds of arcades, shops and bars that created such a lively atmosphere. IMG_6370

Another takoyaki restaurant, you can see here kind of what they look like – the Octopus is holding one in one of its tentacles.


Then of course there is famous pufferfish (fugu) – here seen in neon!IMG_6378We opted for another dish famous in Osaka, okonomiyaki. It was a kind of pancake with different ingredients (there were different varieties)  that was grilled and then served on a hot plate at your table. Good fun for a more theatrical dining experience – it tasted good too.


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