She was not impressed.

_MG_8998It was Chinese New Year, so I took my Canon 1100D with the Sigma 30mm “light eater” lens to London’s bustling Chinatown in the evening. It was busy, it was cold and it was raining, and I would probably have been better off overall with something small, like my Sony RX100.

And then there was her. She saw me raising the camera, saw the Sigma’s huge eye turn on her direction, so she spun and talked to someone on the side for a moment. Perfect: I selected my focus point, framed the shot and, like the snipers on Enemy at the Gates, waited until we were eye to eye to release the shutter.

This entry was posted by Carlos Ferreira.

6 thoughts on “Really?

    • Between curious and surprised, I think. The part I like the most is how she’s just holding the implement on her right hand, frozen mid-gesture.

    • Thank you! It’s actually shot through a window, which I think gives it a slightly dreamy look. I quite pleased with that! 🙂

    • Thanks! 🙂

      The Shaolin Monks were really nice. We had some nice warm tea and discussed the Tao. All very metaphorical…

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