In depth, in colour

The LX3 is on its way out, so it’s time to clear the decks of photos I still want to share. The theme of this post and the next* is depth. It seems that I was looking for it without thinking – I was surprised at some many deep shots together.

Here is Northampton, captured using the very wide Leica lens on the LX3. Note the distortion on the sides of the photo – very charming, I think.

P1150571And this is Coventry.

P1150561Does that look a little Instagramed to you? Somehow I thought it benefited this photo, it made it look very 80s. And then there’s this one:

P1150560That’s what the camera metered, and what the unprocessed RAW file came out as. Why? Because I had the film mode on Dynamic B&W. No big deal: I played around with the white balance, easily made it normal… and then decided I actually liked the initial look. Go figure.


*The next post will be my last with photos taken with the Panasonic Lumix LX3. From then one, look out for shots taken with the Sony RX100.

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