Happy Birthday, Oblique Exposure! And a requiem

Oblique Exposure is 2 today! This is the best photo of the last year – the happiest day of our lives.

p1140601A wonderful year it was, with lots of good photography and sharing the shutterbug. Here’s to year 3!

In other housekeeping issues, there is now a Gear page with the best photos I took with the Panasonic LX3. The reason is I’m selling the LX3.


It’s been an emotional time, and I miss the LX3 already. I took my best 3 photos ever with it, and it led me to join the Google+ Panasonic Lumix LX Series Photography community. If you have an LX, join them. Nicer, more engaging people you could not wish for.

So, I’ll miss it. I’ll tell you all about the camera that’s taking over from the LX3 in a future post (it’s what I took that photo of the LX with), but today I want to celebrate how great this trust, classy, rugged workhorse has been. It has made me a very happy photographer.



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