Borough Market – A food lover’s dream

Now I love wandering around food markets for two reasons, first I like looking at, trying and buying various different types of food (yes, I know technically that is three reasons already), and second I like taking photographs in them. One of my favourite markets so far was Pike Place in Seattle, however, I think this might have been over taken by Borough market in London.







The next two photographs were from the Spice Mountain section. This place had the best selection of spices I’ve ever been able to find in the UK. We made a few purchases (barberries and kashmiri chilli powder), but it’s also possible to order from them online. Needless to say, I’m likely to be shopping here a lot in the future – if you likely spicy food, check out the Chilli Gift box.



As with most fresh food markets they are a delight for photography because there is so much colour.





The other good think about these kinds of markets, it that every time you go you will see something different. I’m sure we’ll be back there soon.

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2 thoughts on “Borough Market – A food lover’s dream

  1. You are right about seeing something different – I was in Borough Market today, trying samples of haggis from the Scottish stalls.

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