Black and White: Paris

It’s been very quite here on Oblique Exposure for the past few weeks – we’ve been so busy – but we have still been taking lots of photos.

This post includes some black and white shots of Paris, and a series of Paris related posts will follow.


The light in Paris was quite difficult, sometimes quite dull, or too bright, and so quite a challenge in photographic terms to try and capture something that looks good.



IMG_0956There was a lot of public spaces in Paris that were intended to be well used. It’s no wonder writers often cite Paris as a source of inspiration. So many places to just sit, think and take in the atmosphere.

IMG_0957Much like the underground in London, the Metro in Paris is the key to getting about the city quickly.








Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière seen in the shot below became a frequent place to walk through as we headed out to explore. I really like this area, tall buildings, with lots of cafes and shops at the street level – there was even a street market nearby on the Sunday morning.


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