The Three Belles

So with a bank holiday weekend and a little time off work I’ve had some time to take some photographs. In even more exciting news – I have a new camera. I took a trip to London and bought a Canon 100D. Yesterday we went to the Spring Air Show at the Imperial War Museum at Duxford which gave the camera a good test run – there will more lots more from this event, and more about how the camera performs in some blog posts to follow.

Just to start the series of posts about the Spring show I’ll begin with ‘The Three Belles’ who were drawing in the crowds with their 1940s style harmonies.


I’m already a fan of this style of music, but these ladies really were excellent, no wonder the crowds rushed in the buy their album at the end – needless to say I’ve now added their CD to our collection.

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4 thoughts on “The Three Belles

  1. I had a Spitfire and Hurricane Bomber flypast on Saturday. When I say fly past I mean fly over as they just went over my head. I tried to get some good photos without any luck. So close and yet so far. I got abused by passers-by for being a train spotter!

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