More British Springs

There are few things that the British (the English, at least) enjoy more than talking about than the weather*. And with good reason too: the meteorological phenomena in these Isles are notorious for being grim. Here’s Cambridge, a few weeks ago:

P1140760“Yeah, I think it’s raining down there as well”.


That, by the way, is Campkins, a really neat camera shop in downtown Cambridge. Plenty of tasty and tempting second hand film stuff, including a load of rangefinders (they have a counter just for old Leicas) and some medium formats (Rolleiflex anyone?), as well as a decent range some modern stuff. Leave your credit card at home, or cross that blue door at your own peril…

And London? All the rain and hail almost ruined these young ladies’ selfie.

P1140830Roll on Summer. Maybe it’ll get better – the rain is usually warmer, at least.


*Although football might well be a close second.

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