Illuminating Córdoba Cathedral

I’m still working through the Spain/Portugal photographs from earlier in January.
One of my favourite places we visited in Córdoba was the Cathedral. Although I knew of its existence beforehand, I learnt a lot about this place after it was highlighted in the Andrew Marr’s History of the World series.

Cathedral cordoba

It was a misty morning in Córdoba, and we had deliberately gone to the cathedral early to be able to see the inside before crowds of people arrived. Inside the cathedral was a  photographic challenge with varying low levels of light indoors, reliant on lamps and streaks of natural light. This meant higher ISOs and longer exposures. Carlos had a go at using the flash to try and provide illumination – those still need to be sorted through. Nevertheless, some of the shots were acceptable.

Cathedral cordoba

Cathedral cordoba

Cathedral Cordoba

As well as the famous columns halls, the details of the cathedral were impressive. Because of the rich history of the cathedral, which has in fact switched between being a mosque and a cathedral, means there is an interesting mix of Christian and Islamic design on the inside and outside.

Cathedral cordoba

cathedral cordoba

Cordoba cathedral


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