Wonders of Lisbon: The Oceanarium (Finding Nemo)

Welcome to the third part of our series of shots taken in The Lisbon Oceanarium (you can see the first part here and the second part here). This is the part where we Find Nemo.

The kit: Canon 1100D, Sigma 30mm f/1.4 lens. Again.

You see the problem: lots of water, small fish.

Oceanarium Lisbon 7

Here’s the supporting cast. This chap is about as big as Nemo, easily too small to be lost.

Oceanarium Lisbon 7This one here was pouting.

Oceanarium Lisbon 10Suddenly, Dori! Pouting as well, for some reason.

Oceanarium Lisbon 11…and a really ugly chap.

Oceanarium Lisbon 12I was beginning to despair by now when suddenly… I too, found Nemo.

Oceanarium Lisbon 13He looked all right. Said hello.


Enough fish. Check back for more, on-the-road photography soon.



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