The many poses of Carlos the photographer

Sometimes, to get the best image, as a photographer you have to vary your pose, your stance, your angle or your height. Inside the Monastery of the Hieronymites whenever I looked round to see where Carlos had gone, he was trying a different angle!

This first shot, was not quite a photography pose – more a case of Carlos walking into my photo.

But then there’s the bending down on one knee pose.


Quite a few of the looking up shots…


When you’re not tall enough to take the shot you want – find something to stand on!


I think he was trying to take a shot of details on the wall at this point, either that or he needed a sit down.


This was probably my favourite. I turned round and saw Carlos fall to the floor. At first I wondered what was wrong, and then I noticed he was still playing with the camera for the ‘on the floor’ camera shot.


So, to vary your photography, why not change your angle?

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