Wonders of Lisbon: The Oceanarium (1)

One of the highlights of our recent road trip around Portugal and Spain was to spend an afternoon wondering around the Lisbon Oceanarium. This is a sprawling, extremely impressive sea life centre, and a place of wonder – even if for some reason you don’t care about this kind of thing.

Lisbon OceanariumThese are difficult places to photograph. The problem is, as usually in photography, the light you have to work with: you’re shooting indoors, so you have less light to work with. The light you do have is artificial, which means it tends to challenge the white balance of the camera, and it comes from inside the water tanks, so it suffers refraction and is diminished.

Oceanarium TurtleThe result is you need to shoot high ISOs, big apertures, and anything that keeps your shutter speeds at decent level. To add insult to injury, the fish and other animals you’re trying to photograph are frequently quite quick, and the autofocus systems tend to be confused by glass. Result: you need to use manual focus. Quite a recipe for a lot of blurred photos…

Oceanarium Lisbon 2And the other thing is, of course, you need to try to get the good, focused shot in front of a contrasting background. No pressure.

Oceanarium Lisbon 3Am I complaining? Not a single bit – I loved every moment of it. More photos later in the week!


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