Port wine tasting in Gaia

Just before leaving Portugal we managed to fit in a wine tasting session at one of the many cellars along the waterfront of Vila Nova de Gaia across the bridge from Porto. We had a guided tour around the Calem (founded in 1859) cellars where it was explained to us how the wine making process took place, and how this led to different types of Port.



Before this tour I knew very little of the differences between the different types of Port – White, Tawny, Ruby, LBV, and Vintage, some of which were shown to us on our way around.



The tour also included some samples, much larger samples than I had expected!




The view directly outside the Calem cellars shows the bridge to Porto and the city in the background, and traditional boats (‘barcos rabelos’) in the foreground. These would have been used to ship the wine down river from the Douro Valley where the vines grow.


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