Top posts on Oblique Exposure in 2012

The year is near it’s end and Oblique Exposure has now been up and running for a year. WordPress is kind enough to send an ‘annual report’ detailing the various facts and figures about the blog and for those that are interested:

The day with the most visits corresponded to when we posted An Evening with Carlos Ruiz Zafon


The five most popular posts this year were:

1) RAWTherapee (1) producing a black and white shot


2) Painting with Light: The London Eye


3) Fujifilm X10 Panoramas Hardians Wall


4)) The Best Coffee Machine in London

Coffee Machine London

And finally 5) Raw Software: Canon Professional vs RawTherapee


This top five was selected because of the number of visits in 2012. It seems people are keen to look for blog posts with tips about how to use software…and they want good coffee in London. While these were the most popular posts I don’t think these contain the best shots from Oblique Exposure this year. There’ll be a couple of more ‘end of year’ posts coming shortly.

This entry was posted by Jennifer Ferreira.

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