Battling the crowds in Stamford

There’s been a bit of a slowdown on Oblique Exposure recently – we have been really busy. However, on a trip to Stamford, a town in Lincolnshire, I took the opportunity to dust off the camera.

It was pretty busy, not only were there the hoards of Christmas shoppers but today was also the street market. The main high street and some of the surrounding roads were closed off to vehicles and filled with lots of stalls – many of which had many tantalising types of food!

Stamford sign

This was a robotic polar bear that waved. It was a lot more amusing than it sounds. In the background you can see the Hog Roast.

Stamford bear

STamford dog

I hadn’t noticed what this guy was doing until after I took the shot!

Stamford butcher

Stamford cheese

There were even stalls with strange hats.

Stamford hats

Stamford christmas wreath

There were so many sprouts on the vegetable stalls, everyone seem to be avoiding them. I don’t blame them, I much prefer parsnips with Christmas dinner.

Stamford sprouts

This literally was a ‘watch dog’.

Stamford watch dog



Stamford sign

There’s quite a lot in Stamford despite being a relatively small market town – unfortunately this time I only got to explore the main shopping area. Plenty more for next time.

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