In a rut? Back to the Basics

I don’t mean to complain – I have nothing to complain about – but my photography has sort of taken a back seat lately. No reason in particular, but the fact is I haven’t even bothered to carry any of my cameras the last few days. It’s been a question of life getting in the way of things: the need to write up my PhD, a certain urge to pursue and document other interests, associated with the need to de-clutter my space and my mind, all have led me away from shooting.

This will not do.

So here’s what I am going to do: back to the basics. Starting today, I will post a photo taken on that very same day. I will shoot jpegs with my LX3, standard black and white only. There will be no post processing whatsoever, and fiddling with the camera will be kept to a bare minimum.

By the way, both those shots were taken on Bonfire Night. I may be rubbish at shooting fireworks, but I still love people.

This entry was posted by Carlos Ferreira.

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