Seattle: Pike Place market

Back in 2011 when I had a conference in Seattle I discovered Pike Place market. From photographers perspective it’s a delight with different colours and light settings everywhere. But more than that, it’s a great place to get a huge range of fresh food. I came here nearly every day to keep trying different places, and trying different things. It’s a bit of a long blog post this time – but I just couldn’t decide on which ones to include, and even the edited list was a bit long so I decided to include them all. For those who are interested, all were taken using the Canon 450D and the 50mm lens.

The neon coffee sign was for ‘Seattle Best Coffee’ – now a subsidiary of Starbucks which also originated in Seattle. I preferred the coffee here to Starbucks – in fact I went on a guided tour ‘coffee crawl’ and this was my favourite in the city – although there were a lot of other strong contenders.

This fish was advertising that fishmongers would deliver fish in 24 hours to where ever you wanted – and no, these were not my glasses!


As I mentioned at the beginning, the market really is an array of colour and light.

This lady later managed to sell me chocolate flavoured  pasta – which I still haven’t cooked – apparently you serve it with ice cream.

These were dried fruit sticks, but they tasted like fresh fruit – a very strange but delightful snack!

I’ve never had to crack and clean crabs, I’m guessing it’s quite messy.

I listened to this guy for a while, and in the end bought the CD.


So, if you’ve got this far then you’ve seen a few of the highlights of Pike Place Market. I went back nearly every day and never got bored of eating, and taking photographs. If you’re ever in Seattle go and see for yourself.

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