Blighty prepares for Winter.

Yesterday I arrived in the office with wet feet, despite wearing boots. I’m seriously wondering if I should get a pair of Wellingtons. It would be awkward; I haven’t had rubber boots since I was 7 or so.

Maybe I should get a dingy instead, and just dry off when I arrive in places.

This entry was posted by Carlos Ferreira.

3 thoughts on “Sodden

  1. I actually get quite MAD when I see how they are driving! Really disgusting, as if pedestrians do not have problems anyway!
    Sorry for that, just couldn’t help myself…..
    Wonderfully seen and captured, I just love that you took all these photos, despite the weather.
    Weather not even my dogs like….
    Have a great week, anyway… 🙂

    • Oh, I didn’t make it clear. Drivers couldn’t avoid that puddle at all. It is a deep depression in a rather old piece of tarmac, and it forms a deep lake that covers the whole surface of the road stays there for two days after the rain is gone. It’s down the road from my house, so I know what happens and got the camera out. Really, in this situation the drivers could scarcely help it – that isn’t to say I haven’t seen drivers get people wet on purpose elsewhere…

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