Sunday suggestion: Manchester

It’s all about Manchester today.

I have a strange relationship with Manchester: on the one hand it is the largest city I’ve lived in, and as such it is a hive of activity and opportunity and light and noise and excitement. It takes my breath away. On the other hand it is a rough place, where I often find myself on edge, verging on insecure. It’s not quite a love-hate thing, but every now and then the excitement can be too much.

One person captures this better than most. Claire Atkinson is one of my favourite contemporary street photographers, and seems to have a knack for shooting Manchester as it is. Here’s just a taster from her blog:

Claire has a portfolio website (some great stuff there), and is featured on a soon-to-be-published book on street photography (ours is pre-ordered. Hooray!).

Today’s second suggestion focuses on the stylish side of Manchester. The Mancorialist seems to have a knack for finding the beautiful, the weird and the plain old odd, but it certainly gets good captures. Even someone like me (best described as “drab” on a good day) can appreciate that under all the leopard print tack, there is a stylish streak to Manchester.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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