Selling my 1960s 35mm Voigtlander

In the interest of saving some space and focusing on digital, I am selling my 1960s Voigtlander Vito Automatic 1. It is on eBay (link here) until the 15th of September, 5:30pm (UK time).


It is a Voigtlander Vito Automatic I. According to the marriottcameras website,

The Vito Automatic I first appears in Great Britain in the early 1960’s.

It is fitted with an f/2.8 Lanthar lens in a synchronised, steplessly variable Prontor Lux shutter (1/30-1/500, B), and has a 1:1 brightline finder, lever wind, accessory shoe and a cable release socket. There is a three-zone rapid-focusing scale. A green/red signal in the viewfinder indicates whether an exposure is possible, and the aperture is selected automatically to suit the shutter speed set. If the indicator shows red, the shutter is not locked so that the photographer may choose to make the exposure, even if the light conditions are not good. A frame counter is fitted in the base of the camera. It cost about £32.

In about 1964 the camera specification was changed and later models have a Prontor-matic 125 (1/30, 1/60, 1/125, B, X-sync) shutter which permits the automatic facility to be disconnected. The selected aperture is displayed in the viewfinder.

In about 1965 the lens was changed to the 50 mm. f/2.8 Color Lanthar 3-element lens, in the Prontormatic 125 shutter. This specification appears to remain constant until about 1968, when the camera appears to have been discontinued.

My particular camera has the 50mm lens fixed, which places it somewhere between 1965 and 1968. It is now some 45 years old and in working condition. It’s in pretty good nick too – the metal is nice and shiny, and even the leather pouch is only lightly scratched. For something that went out of production before Neil Armstrong walked on the moon…

The orphancameras website has a manual for it (and many other old cameras), which is useful – these ancient, battery-less cameras have a different functioning to the current crop of digital.

I found this charming advertisement, from 1964:

It is a lovely thing that is capable of shooting really nice photos. Here are some notorious examples:


If you’re interested, have a look on eBay (link here). Drop me a line if you have any questions (but note I will only sell the camera through eBay).

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