Stan, the dinosaur

Was it dinosaur day yesterday? Both us and our friend Tom Briggs went dino-shooting yesterday – unaware of each others’ plans!

Stan is the second most complete T-Rex ever found. It was dug up in 1992 and currently resides in the Manchester Museum, meters away from where I work. Obviously, this means I have not visited Stan as much as I would have liked! Bummer.

I love how they have Stan set up as if he was in a run, like the beast from Jurassic Park.

In typical style, I found myself running out of the house in a hurry, and carrying only the kit (18-55mm) lens with me. Not great for indoors shooting – most of the time I was shooting between ISO 800 and 3200, in an attempt to boost shutter speeds to acceptable levels. The result? Well, I need to go back and visit Stan again. And I need to remember to take a fast lens. And a tripod!

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