Sunday suggestion: Teakay’s Blog, by Tom Briggs

Let’s cut to the chase: Tom is a friend, and his is not a photography-only blog. TeaKay’s Blog (tagline: “It seemed like such a good idea at the time”) is Tom’s personal collection of observations, quips and recollections. But Tom also owns an SLR*, and a couple of eyes to use it. The result is some pretty good photography.

Some of the shots are a little bit more down-to-earth:

Roald Dahl gets the odd look in:

Some long exposures:

Street shots:

And my absolute favourites: aeroplanes!

Tom also authors the wildly popular (no, really!) Blostronomy blog, for all your proper scientific needs in plain English – so make sure you check that up as well. Enjoy!


*A Nikon something-rather-thingy. Hey, nobody’s perfect.

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