A 1940s Leitz Leica replica

A little camera porn for you today. In one of our day trips to Kettering we came across this baby in a shop window.

I was excited by this because I recognised the Nazi Luftwaffe symbol in different places in the camera. Some time ago, my sister and her other half gave me the wonderful 500 cameras by Todd Gustavson, so I knew that cameras like this were given away to German airmen before and during WWII. Could this be one such thing?

Turns out it isn’t a German Nazi product, no – it is even more esoteric than that! The helpful chap in Camera Box, in whose window this beauty was, explained to us that the Russians had started copying the German cameras during the war, all the way down to the finest detail. The replicas were very good, apparently – quite why they would go through the trouble of copying the Nazi swastika is anyone’s guess, though.

It was a fabulous little thing, and a part of me is really sorry I didn’t buy it there and then; still, you can’t have it all.

Camera Box doesn’t seem to list used material on their website, so you may want to contact them if you’re interested. We have no commercial or personal connection to them (honest!), but felt they were really nice people. And we hope that Soviet-Nazi-Leitz replica finds a good home.

This entry was posted by Carlos Ferreira.

2 thoughts on “A 1940s Leitz Leica replica

  1. Beautiful! And in those days, in that part of the world, they actually made things to last! This little guy propably would have given you stunning beautiful photos, if you had bought it….. ;-). Would have been nice to see.
    I’m very happy you took a photo of it and shared your story, thanks a lot!

    • There’s a bit of me that often thinks about going back and getting it… problem is, I already have a couple of film cameras I seldom use anyway. I’ll stick to shooting instead of collecting, I guess!

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