Manchester Ship Canal

Last Thursday I walked down the historic Manchester Ship Canal, the historic waterway that helped propel the Industrial Revolution, back in the 19th Century. It is not necessarily a pretty place; it is an interesting place. The locks and the sheer amount of history make it an important mark in the history of the city, but the accumulated moss, muck, mulch and floating debris conspire to give it a certain air of abandon. Like I said, interesting.

It had been a really long, gruelling day, and I was looking to dinner with my colleagues in The Wharf (nice place). Thankfully the sun was still out; we all deserved it.

There were a number of canal boats going up the river. I tried to make something smart and get just the shadow of this boat’s shape as it entered a tunnel, and – predictably – it didn’t go well. Much coaxing and processing later, here’s the result.

One of my colleague joked that I behaved like an Asian, always shooting everything. This would have been horribly racist, were it not for the fact that she is Asian herself… she proceeded to explain how she always carries a camera with her and shoots everywhere. They’re out there!

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