A bit of Raspberry Pi

No, I didn’t spell Pi incorrectly, I was talking about the new tiny single board computer created by the Raspberry Pi foundation designed to encourage children to learn programming. When I first heard about these I signed up to be put on the waiting list for one, intrigued about the kind of things it could be put to use for. The best use of the Raspberry Pi I have seen so far is to act as the brains to guide a boat across the Atlantic Ocean. Mine finally arrive today. However, I neither have the time, nor the expertise to put this little thing to its full use. Fortunately, my dad really wanted one, so as a delayed Fathers day gift, this will be his little experiment.

And here it is, literally a computer the size of a credit card. Of course you need to attach a few things to make it work – power supply, SD card, screen, mouse etc. – but the essentials to make it work are all in here. For someone who has grown up in the computer age, for me it seems incredible that something this size has so much computing power. But then when I think about it even my phone has a ridiculous amount of computing power compared to my first PCs.

I’ll be following this little thing with interest. Who knows, may be I’ll even learn some programming.

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