Shooting Film on an old Voigtlander: “Bad to the Bone”

I’ve received a batch of 4 rolls of film, 3 of them shot with my Voigtlander Vito Automatic 1, and 1 shot with a Praktica BX 20 (thank you Kevin, it works like a dream!).

The Praktica is a semi-automatic Aperture Priority affair, so it shoots pretty much like any of my digital cameras: you dial in your preferred aperture and it selects the appropriate shutter speed to produce the correct exposure – you become a cyborg. There are no such fripperies with the Voigtlander, which is fully manual and has a broken light meter, just for good measure. The solution? Shoot sunny 16. I just select the highest shutter speed (1/125 sec) and dial in what looks like the appropriate aperture. Hit and miss, perhaps, but at least the high-ish shutter speed almost eliminates camera shake.

Here is the first shot, taken on Fuji 200 ASA film.

I call it Bad to the Bone.

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6 thoughts on “Shooting Film on an old Voigtlander: “Bad to the Bone”

  1. I believe in common modern parlance, the required phrase is ‘choooooon!’

    I haven’t heard that in a while. Did you know that it will turn 30 less than a month before I will? I’d much prefer Bad to the Bone to have been #1 the week I was born to the embarrassment that actually was.

    Love the photo, too. It’s very late 60s; could almost be a still from a British art house movie.

    • What was the top song when you were born anyway?

      Sorry for the delay in moderation/replying to comments here and elsewhere. We were in London yesterday, as I think you noticed, and wondering around. I don’t even have a wordpress app on my phone. I do notice you reply with different profiles, and that means it needs approving every time you use a new one.

      To be honest I am getting a little tired of wordpress, especially the lack of integration with Google Stats, or whatever that is called these days. The stats are a bit poorer. Maybe when I create something in the future I’ll go back to blogspot.

      • The top song when I was born was Pass The Dutchie by Musical Youth. I wouldn’t suggest you wasted the next three minutes and nineteen seconds of your life on listening to it.

        I was replying with my twitter profile, but then I realised that didn’t result in notifications when things were responded to, so I switched.

        I’ve never tried a WordPress blog. I know a lot of people feel it offers a bit more than Blogger, but I don’t really need any more. I just want to write stuff and have it appear somewhere that both of my readers can look at 😉

      • Something like that, yeah. I guess I’m just a little tired of WP.

        I have no idea what Musical Youth are, but I’ll have a go at finding out in due course. Sounds camp enough for a laugh. 🙂

  2. I commented on this post… it appears to have disappeared.

    It was an incredibly witty, beautifully constructed comment about both the music and the photo.

    The musical comment was along the lines of Bad to the Bone turning 30 less than a month before I do, and how I would much preferred it to have been #1 in the week of my birth than the travesty that actually made it to the top spot at that time, Pass the Dutchie.

    The pictoral comment was a complimentary observation that the shot looks very late-60s, almost as if it could have come from a British arthouse movie of the time.

    The more subtle nuances of my comment have unfortunately been lost in the unfortunate disagreement which evidently arose between my iPad and your comment form, and you’ll just have to take my word for my original comment’s sheer, unadulterated brilliance.

  3. Bugger, it’s taken until this point to find the my ‘comment is awaiting moderation’ information. Scratch all I said before: it was said with the blissful (and eventually incorrect) knowledge that there would be no evidence.

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